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Wholesale Piopinno- 5 lb case (Certified Organic)

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Willow Piopinno - Agrocybe ageratum

Small brown caps with long snappy stems have a rich nutty flavor.

Mince the bottom third of stems which can get a bit tougher, and leave the rest attached to caps for a grat presentation. 

Enjoy thoroughly cooked.


Willow Piopinno AKA Black Poplar Mushroom AKA Agrocybe ageratum

Flavor & Cooking Usage

Rich nutty woodsy flavor.

Crunchy texture, somewhat like asparagus.

How to Cook

Mince lower thrid of stems which can be a bit tougher, leave the rest whole or chop to desired size.

Saute or roast.

Use the minced stems to add depth of flavor to any dish, add the whole caps for garnish.


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