Our Story

Thanks for (virtually) visiting our gourmet mushroom farm!

Until several years ago, we made our living as professional chefs and restaurant managers. That’s where we fell in love with quality, wild-species mushrooms (and out of love with the headaches of buying them).

So we left the city in 2015 to get hands-on experience with a wide range of sustainable organic farms.  After volunteering, doing apprenticeships, and working seasonal farm jobs in Maryland, California, Virginia, and the Virgin Islands, we knew it was time to find our own piece of earth.

We settled down on 62 acres of Pennsylvania rolling hills and got to work following two core beliefs:

1. Everybody can — and should — be able to eat real, delicious food.

Farm-to-table doesn’t have to be a marketing byword or an expensive status symbol. Our mushrooms are a savory, all-natural menu option for everyone: the ethically-minded vegan, the omnivore foodie, or the parent who just wants to feel good about what goes on their kids’ plates.

2. You shouldn’t have to choose between good food and good business.

As a small family farm, we care about our land, our community, and our customers. But “small” doesn’t mean limited — we cater to home chefs, fine restaurants, and corner diners alike. Every order is picked, packed, and shipped fresh for superior flavor. Today, our Pioppino, Lion’s Mane, and Oyster mushrooms have found their way into kitchens big and small, from local resorts to our neighbors down the road.