Our go-to mushroom "recipe" is just slicing in large bites and adding them to a pan on medium heat.  Cover with a lid for the first 5-10 minutes until they release their liquid and soften.  Then remove the lid, add fat of your choice, seasoning, and cook until liquid is cooked off and fry them in the remaining fat for a few minutes. Thats it!

We cook all the varieties we grow just like that and add them to everything from stir fries to omelettes. 

If you want some specific recipes and inspiration check out the links below to our favorite recipes! Be sure to check back in regularly for new additions! (The lions mane are our favorites- even mushroom haters will enjoy them fried or made into a "crab" cake)


Basic Saute 

Low Fat dry saute

Hungarian Mushroom Soup - 

Lions Mane "Crab" Cake - you would almost never know it wasnt crab

Gluten-Free Paleo Lions Mane "Crab" Cake

Fried Lions Mane Sandwich (youtube video link)

Lions Mane Nuggets - always a crowd pleaser- even non-mushroom lovers

Frittata - hello make ahead brunch...

Lions Mane Steak