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Lion's Mane Mega Mushroom Complete Indoor Grow Kit

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Each kit includes our own mega commercial-grade 10lb hardwood fruiting block loaded with mushroom culture. Keep it inside at 55-75 degrees, cut the bag per instructions, mist and watch the mushrooms grow! Has everything you need in the kit and complete instructions.

Our home lion's mane mushroom grow kit comes with everything you need to cultivate several pounds of mushrooms starting within three weeks of getting your kit.

Instructions in the package. Click here to watch our videos on how to grow mushrooms!

Kit Includes

- 10lb hardwood fruiting block already inoculated with vigorous mycelium
- 1oz spray bottle to mist the bag with tap water
- complete instructions

Flavor & Cooking Usage

Lion's mane is sought after for its unique crab-like texture, mild flavor that pairs well with any meal, and many reported health benefits. Not to mention it looks crazy cool!

Growing Instruction Videos

Follow our instructions below to have success growing mushrooms at home!

As always, please reach out to if you have any questions about your kit. Please incude the variety you are growing and photos of your kit in your email so we can help you succeed! 


Grow Kit Overview:

Written Instructions for Italian, Golden, or Blue Oyster Mushrooms


Lions Mane Instructions:


Black Pearl Oyster Instructions:


Piopinno Instructions: