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Chestnut Mega Mushroom Complete Indoor Grow Kit

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Each kit includes our own mega commercial-grade 10lb hardwood fruiting block loaded with mushroom spores, manufactured on our own commercial Pennsylvania mushroom farm. Keep it inside at 55-75 degrees, cut the top off the bag, and watch the mushrooms grow! Take a harvest off the top and bottom of the block, then toss it outside someplace shady to sow wild mushrooms. Has everything you need and complete instructions.

Our home piopinno mushroom grow kit comes with everything you need to cultivate several pounds of mushrooms starting within twelve weeks of getting your kit. (Chestnuts are the slowest growing variety we sell. If you'd like a speedier mushroom, try another kit.)

Instructions in the package. Click here to watch our videos on how to grow mushrooms!

Kit Includes

- 10lb hardwood fruiting block with spores already inside
- 1oz spray bottle to mist the bag with tap water
- bag to protect mushrooms while growing off the bottom for a second harvest
- complete instructions

Flavor & Cooking Usage

A chestnut is has a nutty flavor true to the name, and is prized for its rarity and beauty.

Growing Instruction Videos

Easily get your first harvest:

More harvests: